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Gold Peg specialises in manufacturing unique globally proven continuous cooking technology.

The process of continuous cooking has long non-stop production with minimal disruption in terms of breaks of downtime or cleaning. It increases your production and delivers cost savings.

Continuous cooking increases productivity and cuts overheads like inefficient energy use and product waste. It also improves product quality and consistency as well as the shelf life of your product, which in turn improves customer confidence and market reputation. 

RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking

Facing the following challenges with your food production?

  • Reducing downtime
  • Minimising waste
  • Increasing capacity
  • Improving efficiency
  • Streamlining cleaning
  • Standardising quality
Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® is the world’s leading direct steam injection continuous cooking system. Designed and made in Australia, our global clients achieve great success in reducing waste, improving product quality, and increasing efficiency with the RotaTherm®.
RotaThermDirect Steam Injection Continuous Cooking
GPiCS Mozzarella cooker stretcher

GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher

World-class engineering - made in Australia and leading the world

Industrial production of natural mozzarella requires specific industrial cooking systems. The GPiCS is a world-class mozzarella cooker stretcher that continuously cooks natural mozzarella, string cheese, and pasta filata varieties with no bath cook water.

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • World class quality
  • Patented technology
  • Commitment to innovation and your success

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Production and Operations

Get automated flexibility across a diverse range of products, processing conditions and production rates.

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Engineering and Maintenance

Want equipment designed with your needs at the forefront?

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Looking for equipment perfect for scalable product development across a huge range of conditions and products?

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Flexibility and Control

Maximize Productivity


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Gold Peg injects your business with...



Our world-leading cooking equipment is focused on improving your production processes.



Our systems are proven to create efficiencies where you need it most.


Bottom Line

We provide the opportunity to lower production costs whilst improving product quality.

Increased capacity

Increased capacity

With production rates up to 17,000 kg/h and run time up to 156 hours, we have the tools to increase production.



High quality product day after day.

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