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Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software

Accurately and efficiently measure intact casein of natural cheese ingredients

Caseus Pro™ Formulation Software

Caseus Pro™ Formulation software

Gold Peg offers Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software specifically for processed cheese manufacturers. The software allows manufacturers to measure, rather than predict, the level of intact casein (functional protein) content of uncooked natural cheese ingredients and generates least cost formulations with consistent intact casein.

The benefits of knowing the casein of raw cheese, through the Caseus Pro™ software, means you can:

  • Control the functionality of your product before it goes to production
  • Control the quality of your product
  • Manage the variability of natural cheese ingredient
  • Benefit from cost reduction by controlling natural cheese selection
  • Create consistent quality / yield / functionality at a lower price

Manufacturers are familiar with the unpredictable nature of natural cheese, and realise that its intact casein protein content breaks down and changes at different rates. This unpredictability means many manufacturers are making last minute changes to processing conditions to try to address the impact of different intact protein levels in their formulations to try to achieve consistent results.

Processed Cheese Formulation software

While developing Caseus Pro™, research was conducted at the Fonterra Research Centre in New Zealand that showed the percentage of intact casein strongly influences the behaviour of processed cheese during manufacture, as well as the quality of the finished product.

Caseus Pro™ can accurately measure and control the intact casein percentage. 

This results in improved quality control and the confidence to adapt production behaviour and target yield improvements and production savings.

Find out more about Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software in our detailed pages, including:

  • How it works

    In just 50 seconds, the Caseus Pro™ with the FoodScan analyses each sample of raw cheese then generates formulations optimised for composition AND intact casein.

  • Features

    Caseus Pro™ creates least cost formulations with customisable features and full, accurate reporting.

  • Benefits

    Caseus Pro™  helps you identify the composition of your product, delivering formulation adjustments that produce an end product that is more consistent and closer to your specification limits.

Accurately manage intact casein content for optimised processed cheese

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