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Flexible Food Manufacturing Equipment

Gold Peg designs, manufactures, and sells its own food manufacturing equipment. We create cooking solutions using Direct Steam Injection (DSI) technology to improve your production quality, optimise your process, and reduce waste.

Our flexible equipment integrates to create processing lines for a wide range food products including:

  • Processed cheeses
  • Mozzarella
  • Sauce / gravies
  • Purees
  • Baby food / easy to swallow
  • Taco meat
  • Pet food
  • Rendering / protein recovery
  • Defatting MDM
  • and more

Gold Peg’s equipment manufacturing facility is located in Braeside, Victoria, Australia, where assembly and testing are also performed.

"Thanks to the RotaTherm®, I believe that we have the best continuous cooker out there. Buying them was a great decision as they are fundamental to our business success. Quality has improved while costs have been lowered."

Donald Weideman – Plant Manager
Associated Milk Producers Inc., USA

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Top Secret Photo

Did you recognise this shape from our innovative performance food manufacturing equipment?

The people who recognise this shape aren't about to readily share. That's because behind the shroud is proprietary manufacturing technology that's lowering costs, reducing waste, increasing automation and creating better quality processed foods - across a whole range of products.

We can let you in on the secret: it's a RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system direct steam injector, technology that's found in the new GPiCS Natural Mozzarella Cooker, too.

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