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How We Improve Your Process

Gold Peg’s continuous cooking systems can help you efficiently process a large range of food products under a wide variety of conditions. Click on the icons to find how our systems provide significant advantages to your processing line, the quality of product, and your business’s bottom line.

Our world-leading continuous cooking innovation is focused on improving your production processes.

Improve Your Process


Significant improvement is achieved in terms of reduced downtime, increased production time along with increased yield, and reduced waste through process improvements of long standard run time, fast, even heating (in less than 20 seconds) and one step UHT of Gold Peg continuous cooking.

Consistent processing and automation of a line add to productivity gains.


Gold Peg's process design results in multiplying of efficiencies such as reduced recipe costs, faster processing, less labour and lower waste and energy use.

Its design allows for long continuous runs through the fully enclosed hygienic system.

The flexibility to set the cooking conditions for each product heightens the benefits of the consistent process.

The heating energy is injected directly into the product stream at the required rate for the required temperature means no over use of heating energy.

Our systems are proven to create efficiencies where you need it most.


Consistent higher quality comes from efficient consistent processing.

Fast even heating in the fully enclosed hygienic Gold Peg cooking system that has flexibility to fine-tune the cooking environment for each product optimises and standardises the end product.

You can consistently produce high quality product day after day.


One cooker, many products!

Flexibility of the cooking conditions of the Gold Peg RotaTherm® allows for the processing of a wide range of products.

Fine-tuning delivers higher consistent product quality as well as efficiencies of energy, ingredients, space use, and productivity for each process.

The one cooker can also operate through a range of rates with turn down of 4:1 catering for growth or different production rates giving you more from one capital investment.

Bottom line

Your bottom line is continuously improved by a Gold Peg designed process.

The efficient use of heating energy, minimal labour, and high automation of long continuous runs deliver the opportunity to lower production costs whilst improving product quality.

Immediate savings and production benefits are accompanied by improved market credibility and reliability from your consistent higher quality product!

In food production, every second counts…

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