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Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software

Accurately and efficiently measure intact casein of natural cheese ingredients

Caseus Pro™ - Least Cost Formulation software specifically developed for Processed Cheese

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Caseus Pro™ is least cost formulation software, specifically designed for processed cheese production.

How is Caseus Pro™ different to other least cost formulation software

Caseus Pro™ is different to alternative least cost formulation systems, as it enables you to Measure, rather than Predict, the functional protein content of raw cheese.

Knowing the intact casein of raw cheese brings control that leads to certainty, stability and savings to your processed cheese production.

Please click to download WHITE PAPER: The Influence of Intact Casein in Processed Cheese.

Knowing Intact Casein (Functional Protein value) provides certainty

Before Caseus Pro™, some processed cheese manufacturers would attempt to produce a consistent product by using high quality ingredients and a consistent formulation template. However, because natural cheese is living, its functional protein content breaks down at different rates, with minor differences in composition and storage history. This means manufacturers are frequently making last minute adjustments to the formulation or the processing conditions to account for variations in the raw cheese ingredients. As the Functional Protein value (FPV) is highly UN-predictable, MEASURING it is the best way to control the functionality of your finished product before it goes to production.

Functional protein levels impact on product consistency

Variation of the total functional protein value (FPV) of the formulation (due to variability of the FPV in your raw cheese) contributes strongly to product inconsistencies. The FPV is pivotal to the functionality of the end processed cheese.

The benefit of being able to measure Functional Protein Value (FPV)

With Caseus Pro™ you can measure and control the FPV of your formulations, allowing you to control the stickiness, meltability, and texture of the end product. Read detailed benefits of Caseus Pro™.

Key benefits:

  • Highest quality product - reduce composition and functional protein variability
  • Increase yields by >0.5%
  • Lower product cost by up to USD 150/tonne

FPV control leads to least cost formulations

Knowing the functional protein value provides the confidence to optimise yields and create least cost formulations without effecting finished product quality. Caseus Pro™'s least cost formulation software technology allows you to set your required parameters including the finished composition and FPV, and the minimum/maximum percentages of certain ingredients. Using this information Caseus Pro™ optimises the percentage of the available ingredients to create the least cost formulation. Details of how Caseus Pro works.

The result for you

Caseus Pro Consistent Quality Product

"The ability to measure intact casein (FPV) allows us to confidently formulate with a wide variety of cheese types and still produce the same highest quality product everyday....The user friendly formulation software and GoldPeg's technical support made the transition from our old formulation software easy" Dustin Brouwers, Lead Formulator, Fonterra

Accurately manage intact casein content for optimised processed cheese

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