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Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software

Accurately and efficiently measure intact casein of natural cheese ingredients

Caseus Pro™ Features for maximum functionality and easy use for Processed Cheese manufacturers

Caseus Pro™is packed full of features specifically tailored to meet the requirements of processed cheese manufacturers.

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Key features include:

Inventory Management System

  • Standalone system
  • Configurable with your current system*

Software Functionality

  • Recipe Management - recipe library allows quick and easy solving of formulations
  • All inventory and recipes fully searchable by keywords, name, etc
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox interface - full access from any computer on the network, without download or install.
  • Simultaneous multi user system
  • NPD (New Product Development) - Improved control of NPD and recipe changes, reverse engineer recipes, track development history

Try the functionality yourself in the FREE online demonstration Caseus Pro™ software.

Customisable Features

  • Field names can be configured in the software - which makes the transition to Caseus Pro™ seamless
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi unit support (metric or imperial)
  • If necessary our software engineers can add additional features to meet your requirements*

Full Reporting Ability

  • Advanced, fully customisable, performance reporting for your business needs
  • Customised production reports*
  • *Some new feature requests or customisations may incur additional cost.

To see how the features of Caseus Pro™ lead to savings for your processed cheese manufacturing, have a read of the benefits page.

Accurately manage intact casein content for optimised processed cheese

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