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Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software

Accurately and efficiently measure intact casein of natural cheese ingredients

Caseus Pro™ uses its Calibration to create least cost formulations

How the calibration curve is incorporated into Caseus Pro™

Caseus Pro™ combines state of the art formulation technology with a proprietary calibration curve. The calibration curve enables a standard FOSS FoodScan to measure the FPV (also known as Intact Casein) of raw cheese.

The calibration curve has been developed, tested and consistently improved over the last ten years through thousands of reference tests.

A schematic representation of how Caseus Pro™ interacts with the FoodScan is shown below.

Caseus Pro How It Works Process Image

  • The FoodScan uses NIR (Near Infra-Red) to analyse each sample of raw cheese (~50 sec to complete)
  • The NIR absorbance is then referenced against the calibration curve to determine the FPV and composition of the cheese.
  • The composition and FPV results are then imported directly into Caseus Pro™
  • Caseus Pro™ creates optimized formulations, at the lowest cost, using real composition and functional protein values.

Receiving accurate composition and functional protein results directly from the FoodScan saves time and reduces errors that can occur with manual data entry. Check out the features page to learn more about how Caseus Pro™ simplifies your formulating.

How the Functional Protein Value (FPV) is used in formulating

The FPV is a key parameter, similar to protein and moisture, that you can control with Caseus Pro™ to create more consistent formulations day to day. Caseus Pro™ selects the percentage of each ingredient (within your limits) to create a finished product with the same composition and FPV everyday.

Create your own optimised formulations in the FREE online demonstration Caseus Pro™ software.

How FPV contributes to Lowest cost Formulations

Solving using MEASURED compositional and Functional Protein Values, ensures your finished product is created to the same composition, functionality and quality, everyday.

Greater product control provides the confidence to maximise yields - resulting in significant savings for your production. Read more information on the benefits of Caseus Pro™.

Accurately manage intact casein content for optimised processed cheese

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