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Caseus Pro™ Least Cost Formulation software

Accurately and efficiently measure intact casein of natural cheese ingredients

Savings Calculator & Benefits to Processed Cheese manufacturing

Caseus Pro™ provides unmatched formulation and quality control that leads to on-going daily savings.

Measured ingredient composition provides closer alignment between your processed cheese formulation composition and your actual product composition in manufacturing.

Try the Caseus Pro™ Savings Calculator below - enter your processed cheese manufacturing values, adjust the composition levels and see how the savings stack up!

Increased Yields

Consistency between your formulation composition and product composition allows you to formulate closer to your specification limits - increasing yields and reducing expensive components such as protein.

Many processed cheese manufacturers are forced to formulate to a slightly higher protein content to allow for fluctuations in FPV (Intact Casein).

Knowing and controlling the FPV allows you to minimise the total protein buffer.

Lower Ingredient Costs

Measuring the composition and functionality of your raw cheese, allows you to confidently formulate to a more consistent finished product composition and functionality, even when using lower cost opportunistic ingredients.

The size and the types of benefits enabled through Caseus Pro™ are different for every product and manufacturer.

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Accurately manage intact casein content for optimised processed cheese

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