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Return On Investment (ROI)

Gold Peg’s continuous cooking systems deliver a process that brings exceptional value to your food production operation.

RotaTherm® ROI

rotatherm continuous cooking system
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    • Non-stop production at high flow rates for up to 156 hours (which means more product and less cleaning chemicals)
    • Reduced downtime (less stoppages due to a more consistent product ensures filling machine works more consistently, which results in less waste and less wear and tear on equipment)
    • Even heating and consistent process leads to lower and predictable ingredients usage
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    Product quality

    • Consistent continuous cooking produces a consistent higher quality product
    • Fast even heating (reduced over exposure to heat) results in fresher and cleaner flavour
    • Fully enclosed hygienic system
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    • Heating energy is directly injected into the product reaching processing temperature in less than 20 seconds
    • Ability to pause and restart without waste
    • Start on product and final push with fast changeover maximises pack product
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    • Large turndown capability (1:4) delivers a wide production range from one investment
    • Ability to cook to accurately to temperatures up to 145°C, in one step
    • Flexible cooking conditions allow for precise control for each individual recipe
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    Bottom line

    • Automation means more consistent product and less man power
    • Full and complete CIP system fully automated or with minimal intervention
    • Productivity, quality improvements, efficiency and flexibility offered by the RotaTherm® result in improving a processing line's bottom line

GPiCS Natural Mozzarella
cooking system ROI

GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher
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    • Continuous long non-stop runs
    • NO bath cook water to source or reprocess
    • Complete fast CIP (approx. 2.5 hours) increases daily capacity by 1.5 hours
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    Product quality

    • Longer shelf life
    • Product free of black specs or scorched particles
    • Minimised risk of foreign matter introduction due to the closed hygienic system
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    • Efficient proven heating by Direct Steam Injection (DSI) technology
    • Whey and solids losses are captured and can be dosed into product stream
    • Minimal shut-down losses
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    • Flavours and ingredients can be introduced into the curd stream
    • One system can produce a wide variety of natural mozzarella and pasta filata
    • Automated flexible control
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    Bottom line

    • Automation for product consistency (minimal operator requirement)
    • Opportunities to expand product variety and market share
    • Productivity, efficiency and flexibility offered by the GPiCS result in improving a processing line's profitability

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