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continuous cooker

RotaTherm Continuous Cooking Food Processing Equipment
RotaTherm Continuous Cooking Food Processing Equipment

The world’s leading Direct Steam Injection (DSI) continuous food processing equipment produces a wide range of foods including sauces, dips, processed cheese, and baby food.

Food applications for the

Optimally produce processed cheese, hybrid and analogue cheeses / mozzarella, sauces, baby food, taco meat, pet food, and more with a RotaTherm® continuous cooking system.

Food applications for the RotaTherm

Mozzarella cooker stretcher

GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher food processing equipment
GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher food processing equipment

Gold Peg designed the GPiCS DSI cooker stretcher specifically for sensitive products like mozzarella and pasta filata.

Natural mozzarella by GPiCS

Produce high quality Natural Mozzarella and Pasta Filata varieties efficiently with Gold Peg’s innovative cooker stretcher technology – the GPiCS.

Natural mozzarella by GPiCS

Batch cooking system

FreeTherm Batch cooking system
FreeTherm Batch cooking system

A purpose-designed batch cooker that blends, cooks, and de-aerates a complete range of product types, viscosities, and compositions -  at a lower production rate.

FreeTherm - built for evolution

The introduction of our batch processor ensures that Gold Peg can support businesses of any size through their evolution. The FreeTherm is ideal for start-ups or smaller productions.

Built for evolution

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