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GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher

GPiCS uses Direct Steam Injection cooking technology to evenly cook and heat sensitive product

What is the GPiCS & how it works

The GPiCS cooker stretcher is a low pressure, low shear, direct steam injection continuous cooking and stretching system for Natural Mozzarella production.

It is specifically designed for the sensitive nature of mozzarella and pasta filata curd.

It is a fully enclosed hygienic system, so the product is not exposed to the environment once it has been fed into the GPiCS mozzarella cooking system, which also makes ingredient addition possible.

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How the GPiCS mozzarella cooking system works

GPics Cooker Stretcher Equipment Feeding

Gentle Feed:

The feed hopper provides the curd to the feeding pump section where it is forward fed to the direct steam injection cooking area.

GPics Cooker Stretcher Equipment Injectors

Clean Product:

Steam is injected through proprietary non-burn jets into the specifically designed cooking chamber. The steam is mechanically mixed and fused with the curd.

Safe and controlled:

Fully enclosed, low pressure Mozzarella cooking environment. Direct steam injection is the only heating mechanism. There is NO bath cook water.

GPics Cooker Stretcher Equipment Probe In

Temperature Management:

Accurate temperature monitoring is provided by GoldPeg™ Reciprocating Temperature Probes.

GPics Cooker Stretcher Equipment Take Out

End Product Flexibility:

The curd then continues through a series of modules to complete the kneading of the molten curd mass and receive final stretching to achieve the required consistency.

The extruded final Mozzarella product looks and feels (composition, sensory and functionally) similar to product from a traditional wet cookers but without the bath cook water!

The GPiCS Mozzarella cooking system has flexibility and control that allows a wide range of mozzarella and pasta filata varieties specifications to be produced.


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    GPiCS Cooker Stretcher equipment and Mozzarella product


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