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Sauces, Soups & Dips Manufacturing Equipment

The RotaTherm® continuous cooking equipment is ideal for manufacturing pasta sauces, flavour sauces, vegetable-based sauces, cheese-based sauces, kormas, chilli sauce, soups and dips (with or without particulates), meat sauces as well as pie fillings. GoldPeg’s unique Direct Steam Injection cooking and processing equipment gives you control over the process. It can operate at low or high shear, depending on the required viscosity and the sensitivity of the ingredient particles.

Sauces, Soups & dips with particulates: Gentle agitation is applied ensuring minimal impact on form and characteristics of the particulates so ingredients maintain their freshness.

Smooth / Homogeneous Sauces, Soups & Dips: High-speed agitation is used to achieve virtually homogeneous end products like purees/smooth dips.

RotaTherm®'s pasteurization and sterilization treatment of sauce, soup and dip formulations manufactures product with longer stable shelf life.

Equipment for manufacturing Sauces, Soups and dips consists of:

Available in Pasteurization, Sterilization / UHT or Aseptic configurations.

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