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Processed Cheese Cooking Equipment

Why choose Gold Peg's RotaTherm® for your processed cheese needs?

  • Up to 156 hours of non-stop production
  • Installed globally
  • World's leading technology
  • High production rates
  • Global support network

Gold Peg's existence is driven by processed cheese experts addressing the need for efficient and effective equipment to manufacture processed cheese.

Today, Gold Peg provides processed cheese production lines to companies all over the world, enabling manufacturers to make the highest quality consistent through the most efficient process

Gold Peg's continuous cooking systems produce approximately
9,000,000 kilograms of processed cheese per DAY worldwide!

Processed Cheese Varieties made by Gold Peg's RotaTherm® cooking systems

The following are just some of the processed cheese varieties produced with improved quality and yield through RotaTherm's unique continuous cooking system:

  • Slice on slice (SOS)
  • Individually wrapped slices (IWS)
  • Block
  • Spreads and cream
  • Canned
  • Glass
  • Triangle and portion
  • Foil
  • Hybrid
  • Analogue
  • Fondue
  • Enzyme modified

With the RotaTherm® at its heart, Gold Peg’s continuous cooking systems deliver outstanding viscosity and texture management – resulting in a cleaner palate and improved functionality.

Key benefits of producing processed cheese with the RotaTherm® cooking system include:

  • Increased run times

    For UHT and Pasteurisation. Options for 6.5 days of non-stop production!
  • Improved consistent quality

    Increased consistent quality with cleaner fresher flavour, texture management and improved functionality.
  • Increased productivity

    Increased productivity by up to 30%. For the same (or less!) input you get more product, and of a consistent high quality.
  • Reduced protein

    Reduced protein by 3-4%. RotaTherm's even heating means all expensive protein ingredient is activated as intended.
  • Increased shelf life

    RotaTherm® pasteurisation and sterilisation / UHT treatment of processed cheese formulations create product with longer stable shelf life.
  • Reduced formulation cost

    Reduced formulation cost by 10% or more and reduced giveaway by 5-25%

A processed cheese continuous cooking system usually consists of:

Click on the above images for more information on each piece of equipment.

Processed cheese continuous cooking systems available in Pasteurisation, Sterilisation / UHT or Aseptic configurations.


  • GPiCS Mozzarella cooking equipment

    IWS Processed Cheese

  • GPiCS Mozzarella cooking equipment

    Cheese Spread

  • GPiCS Mozzarella cooking equipment

    Cheese Sauce

Filling / Packaging Systems for IWS and SOS

More information on intelligent filling/packing machines can be found on Natec's website:

  • Click here for filling/packing information for IWS processed cheese
  • Click here for filling/packing information for SOS processed cheese

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