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AMPI Products

"Thanks to the RotaTherm®, I believe that we have the best continuous cooker out there. Buying them was a great decision as they are fundamental to our business success. Quality has improved while costs have been lowered."

Donald Weideman – Plant Manager
Associated Milk Producers Inc., USA

Endorsed Bega Products

"We purchased one of the first RotaTherms® built and now we have three – the first cooker is still operating after 20 years. In addition to the equipment, the quality of service Gold Peg provides is great too."

Sean Moran – Operations Manager
Bega Cheese, Australia

Sangha Products

"Gold Peg provided us with two complete UHT processed cheese lines for SOS and IWS. All the designing for this project was performed remotely and on commissioning the system is outperforming its performance specifications. We are very happy with the result."

Mr.Lim – General Managing Director
SangHa Co., Ltd, Korea

Caseus Pro What They Say

"The ability of Caseus Pro™ to measure intact casein (FPV) allows us to confidently formulate with a wide variety of cheese types and still produce the same highest quality product everyday....The user friendly formulation software and Gold Peg's technical support made the transition from our old formulation software easy"

Dustin Brouwers - Lead Formulator
Fonterra, New Zealand

"With the RotaTherm®, we are able to efficiently and effectively manufacture high volumes of our canned product. The turn key line Gold Peg supplied to us in Jamaica 10 years ago proves itself day in / day out!"

Michael Zajac – Operations Manager
Dairy Industries Jamaica Ltd, Jamaica

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