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Ancillary Equipment: Hygienic Conveyor

Gold Peg™ Hygienic Belt Conveyor

The Gold Peg™ Hygienic Conveyor is specifically designed for use in the industrial food manufacturing industry. This conveyor has fully open-sided hygienic construction and comes with:

  • Unique swivel design enabling product to be conveyed to multiple blenders
  • No hidden areas or parts – allowing for easy cleaning
  • USDA approved ‘volta’ single ply-material
  • Belt can be troughed or flat belt profile

These features provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent grinder jamming
  • Allows use of barrel or large blocks
  • Ensures consistent feed to grinder – so that the grinder capacity can be increased
  • Heavy-duty stainless steal construction


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    Hygienic Food Grade Conveyor

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