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Hygienic Conveyer

Ancillary Equipment - Hygienic Conveyor

Ingredient conveying

The Gold Peg Hygienic Belt Conveyor has fully open-sided construction. Unlike conventional conveyors, the Gold Peg Hygienic Belt Conveyor is not difficult or messy to clean.

There are no hidden areas or parts to be removed to allow cleaning to be successfully performed.

The Gold Peg™ Hygienic Conveyor is specifically designed for use in the industrial food manufacturing industry. This conveyor has fully open-sided hygienic construction and comes with:

  • Unique swivel design enabling product to be conveyed to multiple blenders
  • No hidden areas or parts – allowing for easy cleaning
  • USDA approved ‘volta’ single ply-material
  • Belt can be troughed or flat belt profile

These features provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent grinder jamming
  • Allows use of barrel or large blocks
  • Ensures consistent feed to grinder – so that the grinder capacity can be increased
  • Heavy-duty stainless steal construction


Hygienic Food Grade Conveyor operating