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Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

Gold Peg's cooling systems are specifically designed industrial food equipment. When it comes to your cooling set up, it is dependent on your cook temperature, product shear sensitivity, density and filling requirements. A combination of direct / indirect cooling can also be used. In consultation with you we establish the best set up for your product.

Gold Peg™ Direct Cooling / Vacuum De-aeration Vessel

Cooling and de-aerating

The Gold Peg Vacuum Flash Cooling & De-aeration System delivers benefits including increased productivity through long runs minimising product build up, superior product density management and low maintenance needs.

The Vacuum De-aeration Vessel or Vacuum Flash Vessel is used to receive the cooked product from the RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Cooker and 'flash' cool the product to the required filling temperature and remove entrained air from the product.

You will find that being able to cook to one temperature and then subsequently cool the product to the required temperature, by the filling equipment, is a great benefit.

This Gold Peg™ technology has the following features:

  • The body of this unit is made from food-approved material that provides resistance to build up - stainless steel and polypropylene are available
  • Temperature controlled
  • Product level management
  • CIP system and USDA compliant
  • Build-up prevention design

Vacuum System

The Vacuum Flash Vessel is provided with a vacuum system to handle the condensable and non-condensable vapors originating from the vacuum de-aeration flash vessel.


Direct Vacuum Cooling and De-aeration equipment

Direct Vacuum Cooling - operating internal view

Combination Continuous Cooling

The combination of cooling techniques – vacuum flash and indirect - is used to bring the product down in various steps to the aim fill temperature while de-aerating (for density control) and maintaining the desired end product qualities.

Combination cooling systems provide the best balance of product quality and plant productivity.

Is continuous combination cooling suitable for your product? Tell me about your product and let’s explore the options available.

Indirect Cooling

Indirect Continuous Cooling - Heat

The Indirect Cooling system features heat exchangers that deliver gentle temperature and pressure reduction to minimise impact on the product. This gentle reduction is crucial for shear sensitive products and particulate integrity. We offer heat exchangers for this duty as part of our processing lines.

A combination of direct / indirect can be used to manage pressure and temperature reduction. The indirect cooling set-up for production is specific to your product and desired end result.