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Formulation feeding

The Gold Peg Feed System delivers long runs with reliable constant feed to the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker, through its specialised USDA approved design.

Its robust design delivers reliability and performance to boost your productivity.

The design of your feed system is dependent on the product formulation. The formulation’s viscosity, particle size, shear sensitivity and the particular carrier medium being used will all influence the feed set-up.

In consultation with you, GoldPeg establish the best set up for your product.

Gold Peg™ Auger Feed Hopper

The Auger Feed Hopper, designed by Gold Peg is supplied as part of a full food processing line. It is designed for medium to high viscous products (which do not flow) to provide constant feed to the downstream RotaTherm® cooker. This cleverly designed hopper has the following benefits:

  • Provides reliable consistent feed of viscous non-flowable product into the pump
  • Can be automatically controlled with the use of a pressure control loop
  • Of sanitary design and easily dismantled for cleaning without the use of tools
  • Direct drive
  • Pumps selection is appropriate for the product
  • USDA compliant

Gold Peg™ Paddle Mixer Feed system

paddle mixer feed food processing system

The Gold Peg™ Paddle Mixer is designed for low to medium viscous products, with or without particles, which flow. It mixes as well as feeds and particles are kept in motion by the paddles, maintaining an even distribution. The paddles are speed adjustable via a VSD drive.

  • The variable speed motor allows you to set variable amounts of mechanical work/energy /shear to the blending product.
  • The Gold Peg™ Paddle Mixer provides reliable, consistent feed of low to medium viscous product into the pump.


Auger Feed Hopper Feed Equipment operating

Paddle Mixer Feed System operating