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Ancillary Equipment: Grinders - high rate / small particle size

We supply grinders of robust construction, their throughput rate and orifice openings are dependent on the required duty. Grinders can be supplied as stand alone equipment or as part of a complete processing line. Grinders that are included as part of a line, are programmed and controlled through the central system touch screen.

Gold Peg™ Grinder

The Gold Peg™ Cheese Grinder is designed to increase the product surface area, coupled with high capacity output and foreign matter protection.

This robust grinder has the following beneficial features:

  • High output up to 12,000 kg/hr- to meet increased production rates
  • Particle size of 2.8mm - enables increased utilisation of the functional protein contained in your cheese raw material. Reduces the protein wasted in undissolved cheese solids.
  • Ability to grind frozen cheese and butter
  • No metal to metal surfaces
  • No cutting knife
  • Minimal temperature change


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    Gold Peg Grinder operating

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