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Surge Hopper / Buffer Tank

Surge Hopper / Buffer Tank

Product flow controlling

The Gold Peg Surge Vessel / Buffer Tank delivers increased productivity through responsive level management and low maintenance needs.

The surge vessel is the interface with the downstream filling equipment in a food manufacturing line. The Gold Peg™ surge vessel is fitted with load cells to provide a signal to allow participation in the automatic speed control of the system.

For UHT processed cheese products, the surge vessel is fitted with scraped surface and internal agitation to serve as a creaming tank. The creaming tank provides an opportunity to cream the cooked product to achieve the required viscosity for filling or to provide holding / dwell time for the product prior to filling.

Surge Vessel

Standout features include:

  • Agitator will wall scrape to prevent product build-up and aid viscosity development
  • Vessel designed to achieve a degree of plug flow and minimal build-up
  • CIP spray balls, CIP Pump and CIP valves are provided for a complete package and automatic in-line cleaning
  • Modular fully-wired skid configuration for easy installation


Surge Vessel / Creaming Tank