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Case studies show us the anticipated (and unexpected!) benefits of direct steam injection cooking

The starting point for most projects is different. However, the benefits delivered by continuous direct steam injection (DSI) go deep and broad!

We receive praise from those who have had their expectations exceeded, those who were previously loyal to the batch cooker , and even from the most sceptical.

Better yet, they’ve gone on to realise that previously unacknowledged issues had been solved and unexpected benefits achieved, too!

We explore anticipated and unexpected benefits our clients experience ever day through DSI technology. Read on!

Widening the outlook

Don’t limit your scope to a single ROI (one parameter in isolation)  – such as reducing cook time – or restrictive focus. It can slam the door on potential! Take off the blinkers and consider options that SIMULTANEOUSLY deliver tangible and intangible benefits to your operation.

Direct steam injection cooking benefits

Step change improvements can be simple and not as expensive as believed, if given the chance.

Anticipated benefits of our DSI

Control and automation

Yes, you get control. Actual, tangible, unprecedented control!

  • You get control over the cook temperature, without making allowances for various parts to all get to temperature eventually.  
  • You get control over the various pressures in the cooking zone. Less pressure means a gentler process for the shear or work sensitive product, while more pressure is for the dense and hard-to-penetrate homogenous formulations. 
  • You get control over mixing in the cooking zone: higher speed shearing for homogenous product; lower for sensitive product. 
  • You get control over the heating profile. You now have infinite options instead of just ‘on’ or ‘off’! 

Automation implements the finetuning for each product achieved through control.

Better quality end product (fresher flavour and consistent)

More control and automation means a more stable and consistent process. The benefits of this are two-fold:

  • You produce a more consistent high quality product, and
  • There is less chance of waste: fine-tuning leads to ingredients savings

Due to the consistent process achieved from fine control and automation, one customer reported $100,000 savings per week simply on ingredients!

The rapid 15 seconds to evenly heat to temperature means a fresher flavour. A few taste and bacteriological tests will validate the improvement!

Shorter cooking times with longer, continuous runs

The concept is simple: shorter cooking times along with continuous runs results in improved efficiency and productivity through your food production plant.

A higher yield means you can produce more product in less time without sacrificing quality – just like this client discovered!

You may have noticed that many of the above benefits touch on each other – and you’re exactly right. The benefits are all intertwined, rolling off each other to create a web of advantages.

Gold Peg DSI cooking solutions

Unexpected benefits of DSI

Income benefit of quality, reduction in customer complaints, and the opportunity to go Premium

You might view quality as an intangible benefit, but gaining (happy) customers and a stronger market share by delivering a higher quality product IS your bottom line. Your customers are where the dollars come from!

With a consistently high quality output, your product could move into the Premium sector just like this client did . Now, you have the opportunity to charge a higher price for a product made from the same (or lower) ingredient cost!

This client saw a reduction in customer complaints and an improved reputation when they moved from kettle to continuous!

Ability to re-create signature products

Due to the flexibility and control of the cooking process in Gold Peg’s DSI continuous cooking systems, a signature product can be re-created, albeit more efficiently – time, energy, ingredients – and consistently. Read a client’s journey on this.

To re-create duller flavours that come from non-active active ingredients present because of a redundant inconsistent heating process, other less expensive filler could be included, if the dull flavour is that important.

Gold Peg’s quality equipment – that lasts!

Instead of presenting you a spiel about the longevity of your Gold Peg investment, here are some facts about some of our long-standing clients and their equipment:

  • A RotaTherm® purchased and installed in Australia in 1989 is still going strong. (That’s 28 years and counting!)
  • RotaTherms purchased and installed in New Zealand in 1996 pumps out product every day and this company continues to install more Gold Peg equipment throughout their operation to this day.
  • RotaTherms® purchased and installed in the US in 1997-99 still produce the benchmark product in their market!

The cascade of companies enjoying the longevity of Gold Peg equipment is very L-O-N-G!

Safety and hygiene

Our DSI system is fully enclosed.

Importantly, this means that once the ingredients have been fed into the system (or often ever earlier in the process), the next time they are in the open air is for consumption!

Temperatures might be able to be lowered (less heating energy) for the same bacteriological result and with a cleaner flavour.

Low losses and waste

Those who are new to continuous cooking are often surprised by the how little product is under specification at the start and end of a run. This small volume can be reworked. The Gold Peg continuous cooking systems start on product and have a water push to end which allows for the maximum product to be packed off

Similarly product changeovers are fast with low waste.

Also, if the filler downstream breaks or needs to pause, the product can sit and sit and sit because its surface temperature is managed.

The system will not continue to heat the product, unlike most batch cooking systems.

All of this means that your product can be packed off with the same consistent high quality instead of being dumped or reworked, or worse yet, sending overcooked product to market.

Cost benefit of density control

Sounds like lip service until the cents and pennies start stacking up per slice or jar!

Vacuum cooling delivers density control allowing for lower overfill volume settings per container / serving / dose.

Just a couple of cents or pennies per unit when you have 500 units per minute, through 8, 16, or 24 hours a day, adds up to some serious savings.

In turn, this means higher productivity because you are getting out more units from the same ingredient!

DSI cooking solutions


Have we exhausted your mind will all the fabulous benefits – both expected and unexpected – of direct steam injection technology? We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post highlighting tons of advantages of a DSI continuous cooking system!

Whether you are starting new or replacing and/or upgrading existing equipment, an exclusion type of approach could mean you’re missing out on implementing the right solution, elevating your plant with the high performance of continuous cooking, and finding the optimum process that works for you!

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April 2nd, 2017|