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Analogue Mozzarella

Analogue Mozzarella Processing Equipment

Analogue Mozzarella is produced using a similar set up / system to that for processed cheese. (For the production of natural Mozzarella and Pasta Filata, Gold Peg offer a specifically designed cooker / stretcher, the GPiCS.)

Analogue Mozzarella is efficiently produced with the RotaTherm® continuous cooking system and the FreeTherm batch cooker. Gold Peg's unique direct steam injection technology powers the RotaTherm® and the FreeTherm delivering even and efficient heating and processing of your analogue mozzarella ingredients.

The processing set up of the RotaTherm® is flexible so it be fine-tuned specifically for your analogue Mozzarella / Pasta Filata product. This results in optimal processing from a product and a productivity perspective!

The RotaTherm's fully enclosed hygienic effective heating process produces clean quality analogue mozzarella / pasta filata.

An Analogue Mozzarella continuous cooking system usually consists of:

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Analogue Mozzarella Video