Direct steam injection cooking and processing systems

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Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit Processing Equipment / Vegetable Processing Equipment

Fruit and Vegetables processing equipment

The RotaTherm® direct steam injection continuous cooking system is ideal for processing fruit and vegetables as purees, diced, vegetables soups, sauces and pickles. Our unique cooking and processing equipment gives you accurate control over the working on the product. It can operate at low to high shear, depending on the required viscosity and the sensitivity of the particles.

Gentle agitation is applied ensuring minimal impact on the form and characteristics of the particulates. Alternatively, high-speed agitation is used to achieve virtually homogeneous end products such as purees.

RotaTherm® continuous cooking system's pasteurisation and sterilization treatment of formulations creates product with a longer stable shelf life.

A fruit or vegetable continuous cooking system usually consists of:

Available in Pasteurisation, Sterilization or Aseptic configurations.