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Natural Mozzarella

Natural Mozzarella Processing Equipment

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While analogue Mozzarella is produced using a similar set up / system to that for processed cheeses, natural Mozzarella is traditionally made using a wet cooker which uses mega litres of ‘bath cook’ water.

However, Gold Peg's cooker stretcher, the GPiCS, eliminates this bath cook water and has a relatively ‘dry’ process. The GPiCS method produces quality natural mozzarella product with composition, sensory and functionality similar to the wet cooker product, while saving you and the environment millions of litres of water from being used.

The flexible GPiCS cooker stretcher is specifically designed to produce:

  • Natural Mozzarella
  • String cheese and
  • Other Pasta Filata varieties.

Learn how the GPiCS works.

Videos - Natural Mozzarella and String Cheese product

Natural Mozzarella production

String Cheese fingers extruding

Natural Mozzarella high production rate (Non-linked videos available on request).

String Cheese fingers in brine

The GPiCS cooker stretcher: designed to produce natural Mozzarella

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GPiCS Mozzarella cooking system has Patent number US 8,875,623.