Direct steam injection cooking and processing systems

Cook and process a wide range of products to the highest standards

Processed Cheese Manufacturing

Gold Peg’s Processed Cheese Equipment

Gold Peg leads the world with its complete 'best practice' processed cheese equipment and processing solution.

Combine the high performance RotaTherm® continuous cooking system with a high-speed small particle grinder to put your processed cheese productivity ahead of the competition!


Reducing to the small particle size of 2.8mm increases product surface area, which improves blending and cooking homogeneity.

Hydrates & Heats

The RotaTherm® continuous cooker maximises hydration and delivers required heating through process control for a fresher, cleaner, and more flavoursome product.
The FreeTherm offers a batch solution.

Consistent quality processed cheese every day!

In fact, Gold Peg’s continuous cooking systems are producing an astonishing 9 million kilograms of processed cheese per day around the world.

Complete processed cheese line

Gold Peg provides complete fully automated processed cheese lines designed for your production needs.

A turn-key Processed Cheese manufacturing line with full green 'GO' button automation takes you from blending raw ingredients to a cooked product ready for packing, filling, and distribution!