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Better bottom line than batch

Get fresher more consistent product while reducing your ingredient costs with efficient continuous processing.

Continuous cooking excels over batch

Continuous cooking excels over batch
The distinction between batch and continuous is remarkable.

With continuous you get:

  • Consistent higher quality
  • Improved consistent product flavour freshness and cleanness
  • Fast even heating
  • Efficient and predictable ingredients usage
  • Long, continuous runs
  • Accurate control over processing conditions (not just on temperature) for each recipe
  • Fewer wash ups

Which all stack up to improving your bottom line, reputation and potential for more business.

Price vs Cost
The difference between price and the concept of ‘cost’ is where continuous cooking systems really shine. Upfront price is often a deciding factor when it comes to the purchase decision, but the long-term ‘cost’ is where end users like you can indeed realise the true value behind a more efficient and higher quality system.

Inconsistent batch process
Relatively unacknowledged is batch cookers actually produce inconsistent product. The long cook with uneven heating and varying dwell before filling of batch cookers delivers an inconsistent process, which makes it nigh on impossible for the product to be consistent.

Benefits of better quality
A better quality product, beyond the obvious – taste, ingredients usage etc leads to:

  • Improved reputation
  • Increased repurchase
  • Boosted market share
  • Further market opportunities 

Fast efficient heating of the RotaTherm® continuous cooker

SAUCE PROCESS 190We're talking around 20 seconds to reach uniform temperature, compared to up to 40 minutes with a batch cooker!

Even and fast heating results in optimal heated product rather than a product with over and undercooked parts that reduce the quality. Finely tuned settings means the process can be adjusted for each product. This means improved quality from the same ingredients and/or ingredients saving. Additionally, this is achieved by using less heating energy.

Moving from batch to continuous
Gold Peg continuous cooking equipment can slot in and be integrated with your existing equipment, reducing the investment needed to create a continuous cooking line.

Your batch cookers can be re-purposed to do the blending and the buffering with a RotaTherm® continuous cooker in the middle quickly and efficiently heating your product.

Our food technologists and technicians have well over 50 combined years of successfully moving recipes from batch cooking to more efficient productive continuous processes.

The resulting continuous cooking lines are highly automated, reducing the drain on human resources.

Tell me about your product line and find out how continuous can work for you.

December 13th, 2015|