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What are you missing out on? A breakdown of Gold Peg’s impressive fast facts

If you’re yet to discover the fantastic benefits of continuous cooking, we encourage you to take a look at our fast facts page. This is one of our favourite resources to share as it quickly provides a snapshot to all the great benefits achieved through Gold Peg’s continuous cooking solutions.

This week, we want to break down some of the key numbers shown on our fast facts page.

We hope this provides you with even greater insight into how our continuous cooker can help improve production and reduce cost while simultaneously improving quality.

Let’s dive in!


156 hours

What does it mean?

156 hours… it’s a little hard to imagine how long that really is without putting some context behind it: 24 hours make up a day, so 156 hours is equivalent to six-and-a-half days!

Think of it this way: from 12am Monday to 12pm the following Sunday, Gold Peg’s continuous cooker is, well, continually cooking your product!

This long run time will save you and your production team valuable hours by increasing your output, while stabilising product consistency.

What is the benefit?

The bottom line is that with a longer continuous run time, more hours are spent producing and fewer hours are spent stopping for cleaning or maintenance.

By spending more time cooking – not cleaning! – you’re improving productivity (without compromising quality – more on that below!)

Compared to other continuous cookers

Other continuous cookers in the market simply cannot catch up to the RotaTherm’s non-stop production rate. Shorter run times mean more frequent stops, which can put a dent in productivity and shrink your production rate.

Click here to view a chart comparing Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® to other continuous cookers.

How it improves your ROI

Simply put, fewer stops means more product is produced in a shorter amount of time. All ingredients are used more effectively, eliminating the risk of wasting precious formula costs.


145°C heating

Achieve fast and even heating through Gold Peg’s system.

What is the benefit?

Accurate temperature control improves the cooking process, while fast heating promotes efficient time usage, increasing productivity.

Any temperature up to 145 °C is reached in one step, meaning the one system – the one investment –  has the capability to cover the entire temperature range. There is no need for a second investment in a UHT head.


Gold Peg Fast Facts

15-20 seconds

In just 20 seconds – one-third of a minute – all product is evenly heated by the RotaTherm®, with no burnt parts or uncooked or undercooked product.

Compared to batch cookers

Batch cookers fall short when it comes to cooking time, and particularly when it comes to consistency.

In general, batch cookers must retain product for a comparative long to ensure the product is at least heated to the minimum, which means some will be over heated or heated more than is necessary.

Imagine this process in a production line that’s churning out thousands of kilograms of product per hour: batch cooking can result in an uneven end product, where some parts have been treated by heat longer than other parts, and longer than required. This uneven cooking process reduces the quality, taste, and consistency of the end product.


Distributers demand processed cheese, sauces, gravies, and pet food at a high rate.

These products line the shelves at supermarkets, are purchased in large units by wholesalers, and are sold to consumers in varying volumes.

Increase output without sacrificing quality

A high demand is met by a high production rate, but the real test lies within a food manufacturer’s plant to increase or maximise its productivity… without compromising quality.

How do global food production companies like Bega Sangha, Kraft, Fromagerie Bel, and AMPI not only meet their production demand, but actually improve quality, texture, and taste of food?

The answer is the RotaTherm®. (You can find out more about the overlapping benefits of continuous cooking – including the impact it has on ROI – in this blog post.)


Fast facts continuous cooking

25mm particles

“One cooker – many products” is a phrase used often when describing the RotaTherm®, and now, we can perfectly help illustrate it.

Whether you produce chunky products, smooth products, or a combination of both, you can now have the power of one cooker that can maintain particulates for your chunky products AND be programmed to produce a soft and even consistency for smooth products.

The RotaTherm® is versatile and precise.

Chunky products

Chunky food products like sauces and meat require a production process that maintains particulate integrity resulting in an end product that is deliberately chunky.

Smooth products

The same principle works for smooth products like baby food and dips, and products with varying degrees of viscosity. These foods are normally easy to swallow and characterised by their smooth textures.

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In today’s increasingly competitive business arena, innovation is the only way to survive. In order to keep your brand ‘fresh’ in the eyes of your consumer, companies are turning towards leading technologies to help boost quality, improve production, and essentially, drive sales.

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