What does IWS stand for?

In the processed cheese world, IWS stands for Individually-Wrapped-Slices. IWS are squares of processed cheese that are individually wrapped in a plastic film. IWS processed cheese is generally a retail [...]

What does SIP stand for?

Sterilize In Place. SIP refers to the method of sterilizing the system prior to processing product. The SIP system is fully automated. A SIP system can included in your RotaTherm® [...]

What does GPiCS stand for?

Gold Peg international Cooker Stretcher. The GPiCS is Gold Peg's Natural Mozzarella cooking stretching system. It has no bath cook water, a totally enclosed hygienic design, ingredient addition ability, very low shut down waste [...]

What does DSI stand for?

It stands for Direct Steam Injection – a process where by steam is directly injected into the product stream. The RotaTherm® uses, Gold Peg's proprietary designed, direct steam injection technology [...]

What does PLC stand for?

It stands for Programmable Logic Control. The RotaTherm® is supplied with the specifically designed Gold Peg PLC which is programmed to your requirements including level of automation. (Click here to [...]

What does UHT stand for?

Ultra-High Temperature processing, or ultra-heat treatment, is the partial sterilization of food by heating it for a short time, around 1-2 seconds, at a temperature exceeding 135°C (275°F). The high [...]

What is Pasteurisation?

It is the partial sterilization of foods at a temperature that destroys harmful microorganisms without major changes in the chemistry of the food. Pasteurisation cook temperature is generally from around [...]

What is Aseptic?

Maintaining the bacteriological sterility achieved through sterilization / UHT. Gold Peg’s Aseptic RotaTherm® can handle particulates up to 25mm. (Click here to view RotaTherm® Capabilities and Applications)