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How continuous cooking improves ROI at each stage of the production process

It’s hard to divulge in a single word the overall benefit of a continuous cooking system. In fact, if I could, I’d talk your ear off telling you all the ways in which continuous cooking improves your process.

The benefits are best understood in a web of sorts; that is, one benefit results in another benefit, which results in another, which overlaps with yet another and so on. From ingredient preparation all the way through to shelf life, this unique cooking solution improves aspects of the food production process.

All of the benefits we will cover below have a direct impact on your ROI.

Gold Peg Continuous Cooking ROI

1. Less ingredient waste

As children, we learnt to feel guilty if we wasted food or left dinner on the plate. Not only was food wasted, our parents said, the money used to buy it was, too.

Along the same principle – but on a much larger scale – applies to food processing and manufacturing companies that end up wasting ingredients due to a poor process which ineffectively uses active ingredients, creates inferior quality product, has interrupted production, and produces inconsistent or contaminated product.

Less waste throughout an effective cooking process means ingredients are properly used, meaning your dollar spreads further.


With the RotaTherm® as all ingredients are used properly, formula costs are not wasted on ingredient that will end up as expensive filler in the product – reducing the quality and flavour as well.

Does your company factor in the ineffective use of ingredients as waste when measuring, ordering, and purchasing ingredients? Many have to but are not aware of a solution. Why not choose processing equipment that helps you achieve your production volumes without having to factor in this waste?

2. Less cleaning

What does four hours a week of downtime cost your business and its production rate? What about six, or eight hours, or even more?

They’re the kind of numbers you might be looking at when it comes to stopping production to clean your current equipment.

Gold Peg’s continuous cooking equipment on the other hand, can require just one wash per week, dramatically reducing downtime and allowing your production to continue through longer runs with fewer disruptions.


With fewer interruptions, your production rate is increased, (because your production hours increase so does your output /volume for a set period). This allows you to produce more of your product in a shorter amount of time. Less cleaning means your production rate increases.

3. One machine, many products

The upfront cost of Gold Peg’s continuous cooking equipment is truly an investment into your company’s production process. The RotaTherm’s ability to produce a wide range of food products with the same single cooker in a production line (made up of a selection of ancillary equipment) presents the opportunity to expand production services within your business.


You may reduce your entry costs into a wider markets with a more flexible production line, reducing the need for separate equipment to produce  other specific products. With Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® cooking equipment as one of the core components of your production line, you could expand your production to processed cheese, analogue mozzarella, sauces, dips, meat products pet food, and more.

4. Fast and even cooking

This is an important factor that directly affects the outcome and quality of your end product.

Uneven heating results in cooked and uncooked product within the same product, causing an inconsistent result that lacks quality.


This benefit overlaps with a few others:

1) Even cooking means there is less waste of ingredients (see benefit #1) during production. This means ingredient usage (and ingredient cost) is more effectively managed.

2) Even cooking results in a more consistent and high quality end product (see benefit #6). This can help improve sales and retain your customer base. It also assists the performance of downstream equipment.

3) Less time and energy used to heat the entire product to achieve the target temperature.

Fast and even cooking

5. Hygienic system

A closed, hygienic system ensures food safety and prevents the introduction of foreign matter which can affect the quality, taste, texture, and appearance of your end product.


Efficient cooking (as mentioned in #4) with improved use of ingredients (as mentioned in #1) are delivered through a completely sealed system which ensures  the higher quality and better tasting product are secured. In turn, this helps develop a positive reputation, leading to maintained and improved sales.

6. Optimal end-product quality

Improve your product for your consumer market through continuous cooking. The benefits of Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Continuous Cooking ripple through all the way to your end product. Improved consistent quality equals customer satisfaction. Inconsistent or poor quality does the exact opposite, and results in poor sales and poor brand credibility, leading to customer complaints.  Improved shelf life also increases the longevity of your product and can reduce transport costs.


It’s as simple as this: a good quality product will sell well; an inconsistent or poor quality product will not, or hamper your chances. The quality of your end product leads directly to the outcome of sales (in terms of both wholesale and retail).

7. Step back and view the entire continuous cooking process

Many of the benefits above overlap each other: less interruptions for cleaning leads to a higher production rate, while even cooking results in a more consistent – and thus better quality – end product, retaining customer loyalty. The domino effect I mentioned at the start of this blog starts to really take shape when you read each individual benefit but then think about how one reflects on another.

It’s an overall improvement, based around specific factors, that leads to a more successful production process and end product.

Value + quality = Gold Peg

The premise is really quite simple: food manufactures all over the world want to produce their product at efficiently without losing or comprising quality or flavour. And that’s exactly what Gold Peg achieves.

If you value a quality product and efficient process but cannot afford to reduce or falter your production rate, then Gold Peg could be right for you. Take the quiz to find out now!

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February 5th, 2017|