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direct steam injection continuous cooking

Direct Steam Injection Continuous
Cooking System

Direct steam injection continuous cooking provides superior advantages over batch cooking – kettles, twin screw, direct and indirectly heated. Gold Peg’s innovation and quality of equipment means you can use one continuous cooking system for a wide range of products.

Its non-stop run time – up to an impressive 156 hours with the RotaTherm®! — reduces waste and can increase production efficiency. Further, continuous cooking improves the quality of food by reducing product variation, producing a more consistent flavour, and increasing shelf life.

Direct steam injection continuous cooking focuses on the following core benefits for your product:

  • More efficient production
  • Better quality product
  • Reduced wastage
  • Minimal operator requirement
  • Faster cleaning process
  • Longer non-stop run times

Why choose a continuous cooking system?

Gold Peg’s two continuous cooking systems are the RotaTherm® and the GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher. These two products offer direct steam injection cooking with many benefits, including:

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    Increased productivity

    More hours are spent producing, and less time is spent on stopping and cleaning your systems. Spend less time cleaning, use less cleaning chemicals, and spend more time producing with continuous cooking.

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    Precise specifications

    Processing can be adjusted for each product, which means improved quality from the same ingredients (or ingredient savings!) and better use of energy.

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    A more consistent process

    Your product, week-in and week-out, gets the same treatment, which results in a more consistent final product. Continuous cooking also improves the downstream filling, market reputation and ingredients usage.

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    Closed hygienic system

    An open system has a high possibility of foreign matter introduction, but our continuous cookers are completely sealed, which keeps all foreign matter out.

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    Better quality product

    Effective and fast heating means optimally heated product, rather than over and undercooked parts that reduce the quality.

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    Big savings

    Increased productivity, more consistent product, better quality product, precise production process all snowball to elevate your food production performance and reduce your bottom line.

RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System

A commitment to your success is what makes Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® the world’s leading direct steam injection continuous cooking system. The RotaTherm® comes in a range of models designed to suit your specific food applications and production requirements.

The RotaTherm® continuous cooker can help you and your production line:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve product quality and flavour
  • Reduce formulation cost

The RotaTherm® can produce a diverse range of sauces, processed cheeses, meat products and more evenly heats the product to temperature in just ~ 20 seconds!

Learn more about the RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System »

GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher

The GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher has been uniquely designed to maximise production and minimise effluent using a hygienic configuration. This results in a cleaner, more consistent product.

The GPiCS Direct Steam Injection design is applied specifically for sensitive curd to achieve gentle yet thorough and even heat dispersion.

  • Inline ingredients addition
  • Increased shelf life
  • Fast CIP

The GPiCS can produce natural mozzarella cheese, string cheese, and pasta filata varieties.

Learn more about the GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher »

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