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Cool it!......Continuous Cooling options

Chili VFV Hx coolingIndirect and direct vacuum cooling combinations deliver cooling ideal for the product

Products come with a wide range of desired qualities. Some are smooth and homogeneous – like process cheese / BBQ sauce. Other products, such as pasta sauces or even wet pet foods, want well defined particulates that maintain their shape and integrity and not look like mush!

For these products with particles, using only continuous vacuum cooling would be too harsh and using only continuous indirect cooling would take too much space and time, and not achieve density control so, Gold Peg has continued to develop a range of continuous cooling combinations to best suit the different product groups.

Combined Vacuum flash AND indirect
Combining continuous cooling techniques – vacuum flash and indirect – brings the product down in various steps to the aim fill temperature while de-aerating (for density control) and maintaining the desired end product qualities.

Combination cooling systems provide the best balance of product quality and plant productivity.

Is continuous combination cooling suitable for your product? Tell me about your product and let’s explore the options available.

April 10th, 2013|