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Continuous paddle to prevent Youth Suicide

Gold Peg’s involvement leads to bigger fish for the solo paddler in his quest to raise awareness to prevent Youth Suicide.

Kayak4Youth<img src=" width="190" height="121" class="alignright size-full wp-image-440" />Kayak4Youth is a solo kayak circumnavigation of Samoa by Andy Warton to raise funds and awareness for the prevention of youth suicide in Australia and Samoa. Andy became aware of the extremely high rate of youth suicide in Samoa during his recent time there and decided to do something to raise awareness.

As the journey unfolds, Andy will be joined on the water at various villages by local fishermen, traditional outrigger groups, surfers and other boats. Although he will be by himself for most of the 300km journey, he will not be alone. This is a key message he wants to impart to our youth that there is always someone to turn to in difficult times.

“Sometimes you might be by yourself, but you are not alone”.

Andy is a mad keen fisherman so he has chosen to channel his passion for this cause. 

His kayak is fitted with one of a kind stainless steel game fishing rod holder that Gold Peg fashioned for the challenge. The device allows for a full size game fishing outfit to be connected to the kayak. It attracted a lot of attention from the recreational fishing world, and played a key role in securing sponsorship from Shimano Fishing Australia.

“Kayak4Youth is extremely grateful to Gold Peg for its support both in donations and providing the unique fishing rod holder. Although this is a solo journey, embarking on it would not been impossible without corporate and individual support”.

Andy starts his paddle on April 20th 2013 and expects it to take 11 days.

Gold Peg wishes Andy success in raising funds and awareness for the prevention of youth suicide.

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April 9th, 2013|