GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher

GPiCS uses Direct Steam Injection cooking technology to evenly cook and heat sensitive product

How It Works

How It Works

The GPiCS cooker stretcher is a low pressure, low shear, direct steam injection continuous cooking and stretching system for Natural Mozzarella production.

It is specifically designed for the sensitive nature of mozzarella and pasta filata curd.

It is a fully enclosed hygienic system, so the product is not exposed to the environment once it has been fed into the GPiCS mozzarella cooking system, which also makes ingredient addition possible. Read more benefits of the GPiCS.

How the GPiCS mozzarella cooking system works

The extruded final Mozzarella product looks and feels (composition, sensory and functionally) similar to product from a traditional wet cookers but without the bath cook water!

The GPiCS Mozzarella cooking system has flexibility and control that allows a wide range of mozzarella and pasta filata varieties specifications to be produced.


GPiCS Cooker Stretcher equipment and Mozzarella product