GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher

GPiCS uses Direct Steam Injection cooking technology to evenly cook and heat sensitive product



Natural Mozzarella flowin from the GPiCS

The GPiCS cooker stretcher, cooking equipment for natural Mozzarella and pasta filata varieties, has the following capabilities:

  • Quality: composition, sensory and functionality similar to traditional wet cooker product
  • Flexibility to process a variety of Natural Mozzarella, String cheese and pasta filata specifications
  • High product safety and quality due to the enclosed hygienic design
  • Flavours / liquids can be added in line to the product stream during processing
  • Flexibility to respond to the sensitive nature and varying needs of the mozzarella / Pasta Filata
  • Adjustable working and stretching modules - individual and independent adjustable control
  • Automation

The GPiCS is for pressure and shear sensitive products of high viscosity that are not readily flowable or pumpable (cannot be pumped or do not respond well to being pumped) and have varying hold time requirements.

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