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Environmental / Sustainability Statement

Environmental / Sustainability Statement

At Gold Peg International Pty Ltd we are committed to a continual process of assessment and development to decrease the environmental impact of the design/supply/operation of our equipment and our business operations. We constantly scrutinize the green credentials of our business practices at our design and manufacturing facility.

The philosophy behind all Gold Peg equipment is for it to be efficient and effective in its use of energy. Importantly too, our technology’s design and performance aims to achieve high levels of accuracy and control which, in turn, minimises its environmental impact.

An example of this is the GPiCSGold Peg’s cooker stretcher for Mozzarella and Pasta Filata. (Patent number: US 8,875,623). The objective of the system is to produce quality Mozzarella whilst entirely eliminating the cook ‘bath’ water that is traditionally used in its manufacture. The Gold Peg Mozzarella system is also focused on saving the customer and the environment millions of litres of water from being used. To this end, Gold Peg was awarded an AusIndustry grant from the Australian Government to continue with the development of this unique system.

We are further committed to reducing the end energy use (carbon footprint) of our equipment by subjecting it to regular peer and user reviews. This is another approach we undertake so that it evolves in an environmentally friendly way for the benefit of generations to come.