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Extended long run cooking - 156 hrs

Gold Peg - Chau welding an Auger Feed HopperGold Peg is accredited by the Australia’s leading Stainless Steel body – Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA).

The new TWIN RotaTherm® continuous cooking system goes and goes….and goes, continuously producing for 6.5 days. That’s 156 hours of non-stop production with only one system clean per week.

The integrated TWIN RotaTherms® feature fast even heating (10-20 secs) resulting in fresher less-processed products and processing flexibility set for optimal results.

Alternating RotaTherms makes it happen

Cooked product is delivered continuously to the fillers for 156 hours through a NEW Gold Peg™ design, integrating two RotaTherm® continuous cooking columns. The RotaTherm® columns alternate producing product while the offline column is cleaning. This alternating process is fully automated and programmed so does not require any human intervention. A single Vacuum ‘Flash’ Vessel is used.

Fast & Superior direct steam injection

The RotaTherm® continuous cooking columns feature all the flexibility and fast even heating (10-20 secs) that RotaTherm’s are renowned for; allowing manufacturers to set the processing conditions to deliver the optimal end product. The result is fast processing with superior product quality – fresher, less processed – look and taste and lower cost superior ingredient usage. Its precise control combined with long runs improves productivity and reduces costs.

Accurate & Flexible continuous cooking

The RotaTherm® is a flexible efficient effective choice over basic heating technologies where really only the temperature can be set (which often means an inferior product because of over/undercooking) and also have long processing times. The RotaTherm® cooking technology is also well suited to multiple product changeovers in quick succession.

Ideal for many food products

So do you make baby food, cooking / simmer sauces, table sauces, chunky sauces, processed cheese varieties, fruit and vegetable purees, pet food or meat preparations? well consider the fresher cleaner mouth feel the RotaTherm’s faster more specific processing could give your product.

Tell me about your food product and let’s see if direct steam injection continuous cooking is for you. (You won’t really know unless you ask….).

Cheers, Paula

May 13th, 2014|