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Face to Face with GoldPeg at ICTE 20-22 April 2010

Discuss Process Cheese & Mozzarella with our experts in Madison, WI, USA. 

Gold Peg cooking systems at Cheese Expo, ICTE 2012Scan American Corporation, our North American distributor, has booth 238  at the ICTE (International Cheese Technology Exposition), 20 – 22 April 2010, in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

GoldPeg’s new mozzarella cooker stretcher will launch at the ICTE.

GoldPeg’s International Business Manager and Cheese Technologist: Alastair Sorley and General Manager: Simon Donnelly will be present, ready to discuss process cheese and mozzarella with you.

The GoldPeg and Scan guys are looking forward to meeting with you.

Click this link to request an appointment at ICTE with GoldPeg.

April 11th, 2010|