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Our story


Gold Peg's roots are food technology and plant managing.


Bob (who invented the RotaTherm®) was a food technologist AND plant manager, so improving operational efficiency while making the best possible product was his goal when he set out and made the RotaTherm®.


This same integration continues as the basis for the design and driving force behind all our equipment. Our existence came from a drive to improve the performance of industrial cooking equipment.

That passion continues today, and years of global service and experience solidify us as experts on the global stage with a focus on constructive innovation.

Our mission

Gold Peg Team

Gold Peg's mission is to improve the safety and quality of global food through delivering success generating efficient high performance innovative continuous cooking systems.


We are focused on and entirely committed to your food product.


We combine food technology, plant operation requirements and engineering to deliver a process that is best for your product and the plant. We enthusiastically create equipment that delivers the optimal process for your product.


Gold Peg is not just an engineering company. Our passion is a combination of understanding product behaviour and considering the impact of equipment design on the product, combined with improving plant efficiencies.


This has motivated us from day one to this day, and will continue to motivate us in the future!

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Gold Peg’s food processing equipment:

  • Is state-of-the-art
  • Improves product consistency
  • Uses industry-proven advanced technology
  • Is designed and manufactured exclusively by us
  • Adds value and improves your processing line performance

Our food processing and food manufacturing equipment is made by our expert team in Melbourne, Australia.

Integrated in our equipment design is food technology knowledge and plant experience that creates incredibly efficient processing lines.

If you’re a production manager, plant manager, operations manager, R&D staff member, or engineer, then you’ll benefit from speaking to us.

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Shane is a chemical engineer whom combined with extensive programming, electrical and mechanical experience has made him an extremely valuable member of the Gold Peg Team. He has driven and overseen the design, installation and commissioning of systems worldwide on a product range including processed cheese, mozzarella, table sauces, vegetable purees, meat defatting and pet food. Shane is also the Gold Peg expert on Aseptic Processing and manages a team of Software and Installation Engineers.

Alastair is a dairy technologist and engineer who has worked in management roles within a world leading dairy company. His highly developed skills in being able to "read the cheese" and technical prowess to guide clients to utilise the inherent flexibility of Gold Peg's cooking systems has enabled him to help companies achieve significant savings and product quality improvements. Alastair spearheads our development in the processing of Mozzarella with our GPiCS and supports trials with both the RotaTherm® and the GPiCS with his knowledge.

Peter is an experienced mechanical engineer with extensive design experience. This coupled with his knowledge of electronics / mechatronics and experiences on installations in the field has enabled Gold Peg to design and manufacture systems utilizing the most innovative, user friendly and quality focused processes possible. Peter manages both the design and manufacturing departments and is ably supported by a team of motivated and conscientious engineers and technicians.

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