Gold Peg’s FreeTherm batch cooker is ideal for startups and businesses focused on cost efficiency or lower production rates



The FreeTherm is your gateway to smooth evolution of your business.

It’s part of a complete suite of cooking and processing equipment that supports every stage of your growth.

  • Multifunctional batch processing system
    - for cost effective production and providing excellent finished product quality
  • Mixing pattern flexibility
    - increases blending and heating efficiency
  • Effective heating using unique direct steam injectors
    - which eliminate product hotspots
  • Integrated vacuum system for de-aeration
    - for density control and colour stability
  • Different automatic programs
    - for easy production and CIP
  • Central control and surveillance system
    - for high operator comfort
  • Fully enclosed, CIP able, hygienic design
    - ensuring product safety

The benefits of the FreeTherm batch processing technology is further enhanced by Gold Peg's connection to the Natec Network.

The Natec Network offers a wealth of knowledge and support with every project and installation.