Gold Peg’s FreeTherm batch cooker is ideal for startups and businesses focused on cost efficiency or lower production rates

FreeTherm Batch Cooker


Natec Network’s newest cooking and processing system is the FreeTherm batch cooker.

Designed for smaller volumes of production, the FreeTherm batch processing system now allows your business to benefit from Gold Peg’s unique signature food processing technology - even if your production rate doesn’t warrant a continuous production system.

The FreeTherm is more than just a batch cooker - within the same system, you can blend, cook, and de-aerate your food product!

The FreeTherm is suitable for new business start-ups through to global players.

No matter what stage of business you’re at, you’ll find the right food processing equipment for your needs with Gold Peg.

The FreeTherm batch processor is manufactured by Gold Peg in our Melbourne, Australia facility, and distributed to clients all over the world.