Gold Peg’s FreeTherm batch cooker is ideal for startups and businesses focused on cost efficiency or lower production rates

How It Works

How It Works

The FreeTherm system performs three core actions - it blends, cooks, and de-aerates your product within one unit.

Processing vessel
Step 1

Batch processing

Processing vessel where the ingredients are added and FreeTherm blends, cooks, and de-aerates your product.

auger blenders
Step 2


Gently blended by two augers, each of which are independently controlled allowing you to achieve precise mixing.

Direct Steam Injection technology
Step 3


Heated and cooked with Gold Peg’s unique Direct Steam Injection technology.

Step 4

Vacuum de-aerating

De-aerated by the integrated vacuum system.

Temperature monitoring
Step 5

Temperature monitoring

Temperature is accurately monitored by Gold Peg’s temperature probes.

Buffer tank
Step 6


After processing, the product is discharged into the integrated insulated buffer tank, with agitator, where it waits for delivery to downstream systems.

Great flexibility and different options make the FreeTherm a multifunctional batch processing system for a wide range of products.

There is a range of options and attachments available to customise the FreeTherm batch processor to your needs.