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From Australia to the world! Get to know our continuous food processing equipment

From day one, Gold Peg has aimed for global success.

Notwithstanding humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, our goal was always to enter the global market at full throttle, shaking up the food production industry by offering our equipment and knowledge to the entire world!

We’ve kept up that promise, building relationships with global representatives who can offer you on-site and remote design and support.

Gold Peg’s history

Gold Peg could be accurately described as a company with an eye on the future that also respects its past.

With innovation stemming from the combination of food technology and plant managing, Gold Peg remains committed to improving the production process of your specific product. Find out more about Gold Peg’s history (and our mission) here.

Gold Peg's food processing equipment team

The Australian based Gold Peg team

Global trials, consultation, and after-sales support

When your company invests in Gold Peg, you don’t just get our equipment.

You get world-standard support and after-sales service and technical support. With representatives and offices all over the world, rest assured that support is nearby.

Global trials

With trials systems set up in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia, you can visit Gold Peg (or we can come to you!) to demonstrate our food processing equipment and help you understand its benefit for your specific food product(s).

Would you like to request a trial? Simply fill in this form and tell us some important details about your product including its main ingredient and your cook and fill temperature.


From concept through to production, we consult and work with you to design and install food processing equipment specifically suited to your product and your plant.

Due to our innovative reputation, we are often called to assist in refining the project specifications. We bring them up to current benchmarks and additionally open minds to further opportunities in the progresses of our food processing equipment.

These consultations take the form of Gold Peg participating in internal review and audits prior to identifying the next steps for the future.

After-sales support

While you will be able to independently operate our equipment within your own company, rest assured that should you need it, support is always here.

Remote support is available, too.

Gold Peg Global Support

Gold Peg supports its clients every step of the way

Clients and testimonials

Sometimes there’s nothing better than heading directly to our customers to find out what they have to say about the successes achieved through Gold Peg’s equipment.

Most of our customers are larger companies producing higher volumes of their product. In fact, when deciding whether Gold Peg is right for you, one of the determining factors includes how many kgs of product you wish to produce.

Having said that, however, some of our clients are smaller manufacturing companies producing lower hourly rates of their product. They still choose Gold Peg due to their need for high quality, consistent product, no matter the volume produced.

Some of the key terms we hear constantly from our global customers include:

  • “Success”
  • “Quality”
  • “Cost savings”
  • “Outperforming”
  • “Proves itself day in and day out!”

These humbling testimonials not only highlight Gold Peg’s quality food processing equipment, but the ease at which we can deliver a service no matter your global location.

We’ve also had some customers share with us some unexpected benefits they achieved; we invite you to discover more in this blog post.

Benefits of our continuous food processing equipment

Each benefit achieved through our equipment creates a sort of domino effect, affecting another outcome through the entire production line.

Whether it’s better and more effective ingredients usage, higher quality product, or a longer non-stop run, each benefit contributes towards your end goal of a more efficient and cost-effective process, and a higher quality and fresher product.

Read more about how continuous cooking offers greater production benefits than batch in this blog post.

September 5th, 2017|