Gold Peg has operated for worldwide success from day one

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Global Services

Gold Peg has more than 30 years of specialist knowledge across food production services including control, automation, process, and product in globally dispersed countries.

Our integrated global network consists of expert local representatives with an average 20 years of experience with Gold Peg cooking systems.

Multiple trial systems are located globally and we offer face-to-face and remote design, sales, and technical support.

Gold Peg’s global service means we:

  • Have operated for worldwide success from day one
  • Can connect resources and experts to a large number of clients all over the world
  • Are dedicated to finding new ways of creating value internationally
  • Complete on a global scale
  • Offer competitive technology
  • Provide regional and remote after-sales support

Goldpeg - Continous Cooking Equipment -Global Services Map

Global presence

We’re known on a global scale for a reason: everyday, our clients around the world are getting the benefits from our systems.

Also we attend or are represented at several international trade shows throughout the year.

At these events, we are keen to meet you and get to know your process. Alternatively, we are accessible online all the time!

Global support network

No matter your location, you can contact Gold Peg, or a Gold Peg representative, if you have any questions – no matter how small.

Our head office is in Australia, and we have an expert representatives network that reaches around the world.

Global representatives

With expert representatives in numerous countries globally our support services are extensive, so you’re supported no matter where you are.

Global competition

We’re on the global stage, so we’re committed to constant development and innovation of our specialised equipment as well as our processes and service, too!

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