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Continuous cooking test

However, the test is the one spot where you can interact with Gold Peg and get quick answers in a simple, straightforward, and easily consumable manner.

By completing the quick test, you’ll see how the food type and production rate are pivotal in determining whether Gold Peg could be right for you.

There are a maximum of just eight multiple choice questions to be answered to help us (and help you!) understand the process your product needs.  It is the relationship between food production rate, the equipment used, ingredients used, and the outcomes demanded (your food product) that lead to a conclusion. It takes less than 30 seconds! Take the test!

FOOD type

The most important information in the test is about your food product.

Your food product is paramount.  What is your product? What process would result is the end product you want? Our systems are designed for your food’s requirement, not the other way around.

If we and our equipment are familiar with your food product, then there is only one food related answer we need from you to establish a general understanding and give you a decision.

If the product isn’t clear to us, you will be asked 3 more questions to clarify.

Click to read the general guidelines for a product suitable for continuous cooking.

Production rate

The other most important question in the test is when you tell us your ideal or required production rate.

You see, one of the most appealing benefits of a continuous cooking system is the fact that it runs, well, continuously!

Fewer pauses mean more product is created in a shorter amount of time, which means increased productivity.

A high production rate and long non-stop production (ability) are ideal operating conditions that would encourage a food manufacturer to choose a continuous cooker.

However, we also must consider those who have a lower production rates (and / or shorter run times), but still value quality within their end product. This means that those with a lower production rate – or lower demand – can still produce a consistent higher quality product using continuous cooking.

In a way, if quality really is valued then the lower rates stack up.

Continuous cooking offers a production range, rather than a set volume as per batch systems.  This means for a lower production rate the specific food manufacturer gets “room to move”: they now have the capacity to grow should their production demand increase in the future.

To us, what is a low production rate, anyway?


  • When we refer to “low” production rate, we are talking around 500kg-750kg per hour of product
  • “Standard” production rate can be anywhere from 1500kg/h to 7,000kg/h
  • “High” production rate can reach an astronomical 14,000kg per hour!


(We consider an ‘R&D’ rate, around ~100 kg/h but batches as small as 50 kg can test multiple settings in single run (a story for another day))

Our continuous cooking systems are purpose built and are available in configurations from 100 kg/h to 14,000 kg/h.

The information of your product type and production rate is enough for us to establish a general understanding of your need and give you a decision!

What type of industrial cooking equipment are you currently using?

If you’re taking the test, it’s likely that you’re already producing a particular product.

What industrial cooking equipment are you using at the moment? (This gives insight into the current process of your product and a bit more of an understanding.)

Can you identify where it’s letting you down? Perhaps you are noticing too many inconsistencies through the cooking process, you want to know if there is a way to reduce ingredient usage and costs, or your current system is delivering inconsistent poor quality product time and time again.

Perhaps you’ve reached the point where you’ve run out of capacity and want to simultaneously upgrade your cooking technology?

Chances are you’re currently using either another continuous cooker, or a batch cooker. Compare continuous cooking to batch cooking here.


At the end of the continuous cooking quiz

Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll find out whether Gold Peg is right for you.

Based on the answers you’ve provided, we can determine whether Gold Peg’s continuous cooking solutions may be right for your production and/or processing needs!

The answer will quickly help you find your way!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’re presented three options:

Investigate further

Here is the opportunity to tell us a little more about your product. We will review this information and it will help us gain a better understanding. Don’t forget to submit your contact details so we can get in touch with you!

You are welcome to submit more product information regardless of the outcome of the test.

Request contact

If you don’t want to provide more information about your product but would still like us to contact you, make sure you fill in the Request contact form. Submit a few contact details and we will be in touch.

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Are Gold Peg’s continuous solutions right for your company? Take the test!

March 2nd, 2017|