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Gold Peg has launched its European trial RotaTherm® system

Gold Peg is pleased to announce the launch of a new trial system in Europe!

Gold Peg continuous cooking equipment has never been more attainable and in closer reach, so if you are located in Europe, we invite you to contact us today to organise a trial of our equipment.

With core markets in various European countries, we’re committed to providing ongoing education and demonstrations based around our continuous cooking equipment. A trial shows how the RotaTherm® – with its flexible parameters  and efficient consistent cooking technology – can improve your food processing method.

Our European trial system is just one way we commit to serve you on a global scale.

This trial system is located at Berief’s innovation centre in Wadersloh-Diestedde, Germany. Berief are Gold Peg’s European distributor. Trials can be done at their centre or at your site.

Gold Peg's European RotaTherm® Trial system - installed

Why take advantage of a Gold Peg trial?

The purchase of continuous cooking equipment (or any other large-scale manufacturing or production equipment – across any industry!) is not an action that is taken lightly. More than just a cost, it is an investment into a system that is designed to improve how you and your company does its job and produces a product.

Long term, you want to be able to rely on a system that improves your product quality, reduces wastage, delivers a high and reliable production process, and provides a tangible return on investment.

A great way to understand Gold Peg’s equipment is to see it in action.

Our new and improved trial system (more on that below) helps you understand not only the process of Direct Steam Injection (DSI) continuous cooking, but the benefits achievable, too.

Why Gold Peg?

Gold Peg is based in Australia has been operating on a global scale from day one. That means from the birth of our company – back in 1988 – we’ve been helping food manufacturers all over the world improve their process and product through core and a supporting range of equipment.

A global support network means assistance is never more than a phone call or email away.

What’s new in the RotaTherm® European trial?

We’re unveiling a refurbished RotaTherm® trial – it’s been completely overhauled and improved!

The RotaTherm® boasts great flexibility and control; two key pillars of an exceptional end product.

This trial / R&D system  has the ability to process a whole range of products, including those with high to low viscosity, pasteurise and UHT heat treatment, and food products both with and without particles.

It will evenly heat to your required temperature in one step – up to 145°C! Then you have choices of cooling – direct with vacuum or indirect with heat exchangers.

The RotaTherm® trial system is ready to go!

Europe- RotaTherm end products

Curious to see Gold Peg’s equipment in action?

We would love to meet you. Contact us now to organise a trial and to see the refurbished RotaTherm® in action!

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December 21st, 2016|