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We hope you, your family, work friends, social group, your business, your community are all doing well in these unfamiliar times.

We understand many have had a very challenging time. The Coronavirus influences our daily business life as well as our daily personal life. Trade shows, like the Interpack (Germany) & foodpro (Australia), have been postponed, we have to forego social contact and there are many other challenges for us all.

Meanwhile, Natec Network & Gold Peg are 100% operational.

We are restricted from travel so in person customer meetings are not possible at this time. However, our design, manufacturing, software engineering, sales support etc is continuing as per usual.

We have addressed the needs to keep operating now and for the long term, while looking after the safety of all.

In addition to email and phone contact, we offer you software free virtual face-to-face meetings (online video calls). It’s as close to a real meeting as possible and ours is set up with a single click.

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If you want to ‘meet’ at any time, to address any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay well & healthy,

Your Natec Network Team

March 23rd, 2020|