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Case Studies

Gold Peg provides continuous cooking solutions to a range of food processors all over the world. Here, you will find some case studies.

The following project summaries reflect the need of each client and their processing line, the solution installed and the result achieved.

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Moving sauces from Kettle to Continuous

Control, Consistency and Quality

This client was using batch cookers (kettles) to produce sauces. Their need was to increase capacity and improve the consistency and quality of their final product, while ideally reducing their cost of good sold - primarily their ingredients costs. Read the details...

Elevating quality in a highly competitive market

Quality at low production rates

This company competes in an intense market with a high quality product. They needed to update their cooking technology from their expiring batch cookers and protect the position of their high quality product. The solution was a best-in-class system... Find out more

Squeezing every dollar while making a signature product

Maximising productivity

This global company has a signature product that had to stay the same but they needed to increase productivity and wanted to update their technology. Read how all the boxes, and more, were ticked…

Moving 100s of recipes to Fast and Effective Cooking

Flexibility and control

This client was using 225 metres of heat exchangers to produce a range of sauces feeding high-speed fillers. Their need was to increase capacity, improve productivity, match the current sauce quality and they were tight on space. Read how it was done!

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