GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher

GPiCS uses direct steam injection cooking technology to efficiently cook and heat sensitive product


GPiCS mozzarella cooker stretcher

Gold Peg identified a need for an efficient cooker stretcher for sensitive products like mozzarella and pasta filata. And so, the direct steam injection GPiCS was born!

Gold Peg’s GPiCS identified food manufacturers’ needs for not only for a direct steam injection cooking system, but one with adjustable parameters that could be adjusted for mozzarella’s sensitive nature and varieties.

The GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher (Patent number US 8,875,623) is a world-class, innovative cooking system that produces a variety of natural mozzarella products. Its benefits include:

  • Direct steam injection that efficiently cooks and heats the product
  • Low-pressure steam injection reduces strain on sensitive cheese varieties
  • NO bath cook water
  • Precise temperature control
  • The ability to add ingredients to the product stream inline
  • Increased shelf life
  • Faster CIP (clean-in-place) reduces downtime and increases production

It is also more environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t use lots of bath water that then needs to be reprocessed before it can be reused or disposed of. This reprocessing requires capital investment, and has huge costs. It is usually a separate operation unit within a business! This is not needed with the GPiCS .

Natural Mozzarella Continuous Cooking System

As a continuous cooking system, the GPiCS offers a range of features where traditional wet cooker-stretchers fall short.

Primarily, the GPiCS Mozzarella Continuous Cooking System works with no bath cook water, a feature that heavily improves quality, taste, density, and texture of the final product as well as the impact on the environment.

Further, with the GPiCS system, you’re offered the flexibility to add ingredients directly to the curd stream during cooking. From here, any additional ingredients are mixed into the existing curd flow during the cooking and stretching processes. The totally sealed system ensures no foreign matter is introduced to the stream.

On the other hand, traditional wet cookers are generally open systems, posing a high risk of foreign matter introduction. The addition of bath cook water means it is nearly impossible to add ingredients to your stream because they would mix away with the bath water.

Why GPiCS?

We invite you to learn more about the GPiCS Continuous Cooking System in our detailed product pages, including:

how gpics works

GPiCS stands out from other traditional wet cookers due to its low-pressure direct steam injection cooking technology. The low pressure is ideal for mozzarella’s sensitive nature, so your product is not overcooked.

gpics benefits

A faster CIP and minimal loss impacts your bottom line by allowing you to produce more of your product more efficiently and with less errors and downtime.

gpics capabilities

Flexible parameters allow production of a variety of mozzarella, cheese and pasta filata variations. These parameters are set to respond to the sensitive nature of each product.