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High Rate Continuous cooking

Gold Peg High Rate RotaTherm 14000kgHr Fast fresher quality product at very high continuous hourly production rates and still with the flexibility to adjust and control the processing conditions for each product? The NEW DSI 40 RotaTherm® continuous cooker can do it.

Effective, efficient and continuous

The NEW high rate RotaTherm® continuous cooking system is available. It offers fast even heating of the product in 10-20 sec; the flexibility to adjust and control the processing conditions for each product; and all this from a small footprint (2 x 3m).  It can produce a massive 336 tonne of product a DAY.  Run times are product and temperature dependent but generally 72 hours before CIP. 

Fast & flexible

This high rate RotaTherm® has 40 direct steam injectors on a single cooking column. This system is an expansion of Gold Peg’s market proven direct steam injection RotaTherm® technology known for fast, flexible, efficient and superior heating capability. 

If a slower pace (rate) would suit you, you still get all the great benefits of the RotaTherm®… accurate control and the same efficient even fast heating and flexibility.  They are standard to the RotaTherm® continuous cooking technology. 

Multiple product varieties

Quick product changeovers allow multiple products to be efficiently produced in a continuous manner with the RotaTherm® that suits your product rates needs.

Name your food product

The RotaTherm® continuous cooker’s processing flexibility means it can produce a wide variety of superior food product such as baby food, cooking sauces (simmer sauces), table sauces, chunky sauces, processed cheese varieties, fruit and vegetable purees, pet food, meat preparations etc…. basically, products that can pass through a pump and cook in a single pass. Pasteursie, UHT and Aseptic available.

Tell me about your food product and let’s see if direct steam injection continuous cooking is for you!

Cheers, Paula

Gold Peg equipment is proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.

May 12th, 2014|