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Increased Food and Technology Support - Japan

Dairy Technologist – Kiyotaka TakahashiNEW Dairy Technologist and Mechanical Engineer join Sumitomo’s team.

Dairy Technologist – Kiyotaka Takahashi brings many decades (40+yrs!) of personal processed cheese formulation and production experience.

Mechanical Engineer – Shinichi Ohinata has broad process engineering experience and now is a RotaTherm® expert dedicated to technical operation support.

These additional personnel further strengthen Sumitomo’s expertise and ability to provide cooking solutions and advice to their customers in Japan, China, Korea and SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia).Mechanical Engineer - Shinichi Ohinata

Sumitomo Shoji Machinex (Sumitomo) is undertaking a mission in late 2012 to bring Gold Peg to SE Asia. Takahashi-san and Ms. Hiraki Yuko are organizing and participating in the visits.

If you are interested in a face to face Gold Peg meeting, please email us to secure a timeslot in the schedule.

September 6th, 2012|